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Alberto Beitia, Architect graduated from the Andrés Bello University, graduated with distinction. Since 2010, it has been developing outstanding residential and commercial projects nationwide.

- In 2015, he obtained first place as the best Latin American in the BIM Challenge, held in Las Vegas, United States.

- In 2020, recognition was obtained for the winning wooden work by public vote in the Madera 21 2020 contest.

- In 2020 you become part of the select group of mentors of the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile Network, a very important role with which you support entrepreneurs from all over Chile and part of South America. 

- In 2022 he was called to be part of the select group of official ambassadors of SketchUp International. 

Currently, since  the outstanding Rancagua business center is developing important  projects, giving workshops and talks to professionals in the construction industry and the entrepreneurship ecosystem.  

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